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Our Leadership

Reverend Laura Blackstone

Pastor Laura (2)

Laura Blackstone

Rev. Laura was called into the ministry at seventeen years old and has followed that call since, moving through college, seminary, and ordination, to what is now over a decade of pastoral leadership—in all of these years unspeakably blessed to dwell in the heart and soul of God by experiencing the hearts and souls of others. Her focus in ministry is to nurture awareness of the company and love of God around and within our own selves in each moment we’re present and privileged to breathe and be.  

Rev. Laura is available from 10 a.m. -- 6 p.m.*
for office, home, meal, phone, or venue appointments.
Please call (307) 684-5845 or
to set up a time together.

Rev. Laura is unavailable (unless an emergency) on Mondays and Fridays (days off)
No appointments on Saturdays as that is sermon-writing day.

*Hours will occasionally vary depending on previously scheduled meetings or special events.

Contact Pastor Laura

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