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A vital ministry in the life of our church as we receive Christ’s presence and are strengthened together as the Body of Christ. We also provide Communion to shut-ins or anyone not able to be in church. Please let us know if you wish to have the blessed elements brought to you by contacting the church office.

Being a Communion Steward involves:

  • Providing a loaf of bread and grape juice.
  • Arriving early on Communion Sunday to prepare the Communion items (put bread on plate, fill cup, cover both with communion linen and place them on table behind pulpit before service begins.  These items are found in the back of the kitchen in a cabinet marked “Communion Steward Guidelines.
  • Assist Pastor during Communion by offering the cup for dipping to each individual; assistant may invite them by saying “The Blood of Christ given for you, (name if you know it).
  • After worship, take Communion items back to kitchen and clean them.  Leftover juice and bread are not to be thrown out.  They have been blessed.  Bread may be eaten and juice drank or juice may be poured onto outdoor plants and bread fed to birds, blessing the earth.  You may take it home.
  • Take linens home, wash and iron, and return to the kitchen so they are ready for the next Communion service.
Man taking bread for communion

Contact the Church Office for more information:

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