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Greeters welcome our visitors and members with a smile before worship service, answer any questions, or help them find a seat.

Being a Greeter involves:

  • Arriving 15 – 20 minutes before the service begins.
  • Wearing name tags.
  • Greeting everyone who comes to church with a handshake and a smile. 
  • Giving visitors a welcome bag (on the little table near the pew at the back of the church) and encouraging them to fill out a newcomer form. 
  • Asking one or two children or an adult to act as acolyte(s) and have them remain at the back of the church; when time, light the candle lighters for them so they can go to the front of the church and light the altar candles.
  • Take the microphone to those in the congregation who wish to make an announcement and/or ask for prayers of joy or concern.
  • Arrange for two people from the congregation to help with the collection.
Two hands shaking each other

Contact the Church Office for more information:

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